Wedding Art Book: Kelly + Sean

First of all – how is it Friday already?? It totally snuck up this week! But how amazing is this weather? Kaya and I were able to go on a little run this morning :) It brought home how terribly unfit I have become over my lazy winter! Kaya kept looking up at me as if to say “hurry up Mum, I’m bored!”. Time to address this issue and get back outside with the pup and thankfully this 50degree weather makes it much easier!

Now, time to finally post some images of Kelly and Seans art book! I get so SO excited to knock on the door and hand it over, but at the same time a little sad. It’s never the end of the road but once they receive the book, gone are our emails on a regular basis and excitement about it arriving. I almost don’t want it to end – it’s safe to say these books hold a piece of my heart.

I’m so happy they loved their book :) It is such a timeless piece that will last forever as the perfect memory of their special day …2013-03-29_001

2013-03-29_002 2013-03-29_004 2013-03-29_005 2013-03-29_007 2013-03-29_0082013-03-29_003 2013-03-29_010 Kelly and Sean also opted for the parent albums. I love how thick the pages are and the soft material cover is perfect.2013-03-29_0112013-03-29_006
Now it’s time to check off some things on my everlasting todo list :) And have also given into Billy and will go car shopping with him – this must give me huge wife points! Wish me luck!

Happy Friday xx

Ava and Bella

These beautiful girls are my nieces :) Spending the last week with them was amazing and I just love being Auntie Jacqueline again!

Last time I was home Ava could barely string two words together and now she can easily tell me “You’re not my best friend anymore!” if ever she’s told ‘no’ :) She loves all things pink, rainbows and sparkly and if I could have bought her the entire Disney store I would have.


When I left Bella was old enough to know exactly who I was – so coming back is the best. I got a huge running huge and an “Auntie Jacqueline!!!!” when I walked through the door to pick her up from the babysitters. She joins in with our conversations now and is so thoughtful of other people – like choosing the milk chocolate easter egg instead of the white chocolate so we can all share :)

I miss these two so much – I can’t wait to go back again later this year and see how much more they will have grown!

Lucky Girl

I’m a lucky girl – for many reasons – but especially because of the amazing friends I have :) I might live on another continent from everyone I grew up with, and we may not necessarily talk as much as if I were to live in the same town (or even country), we may live in different time zones and lead different lives – but as soon as you see one of your best friends standing in front of you it’s like you jumped back to when you were 15 again :)

Except this time Helen was standing in front of me in the lobby of a 5* hotel in downtown Chicago on a business trip! So maybe things have changed just a little since we were kids, but no matter where this crazy world takes us and however much changes in our lives, you know the friendship will remain exactly the same.

2013-04-03_018 2013-04-03_019 2013-04-03_020 2013-04-03_021 2013-04-03_022

A Glimpse Of Oz

It feels so good to be home! Back in the land of wifi, blogging and no credit card minimums :) That being said our 2 weeks in Australia were amazing. The full post will be coming soon, so be prepared for an overload of tennis photos! But in the meantime here is our time in Melbourne through instagram (did you know I was obsessed?!)….


1. The winding streets of melbourne – reminded me of european cafes

2. Flinders street station

3. Ice cream in coffee – score :)

4 – 6. Melbourne is known for it’s chocolate …. and packing on the lbs!!

7. the guys

8. Ready for our first day at work in Oz – photographer + tennis coach

10-12. My favorite town – Fitzroy…thank you Caroline for telling me to check it out!

11-12. 5am starts :) favorite time of the day


1-2. soaking in the sun while tim practiced

3. Too hot to go outside

4-8. The player’s party… sooo many animals :) couldn’t have been happier!! The baby Roo was by far my favorite – oh and the fire is some unbelievable bar tricks!

11. South bank – heading to dinner

12. Wathcing Kev play – he did awesome making it to the round of 16 for the first time!!!

15. Winning :) First round main drawer Tim beat Ivo Karlovic  !!


1. Team Tim/Kev: me, Kelsey and Billy

4. Amazing graffiti everywhere!!

5. Our last couple of days – was time to say goodbye to Melbourne and head back to the  ice block that is Chicago :(