Lorenzo Gets Christened!!

Here are a few of the images from Lorenzo’s christening! We had such a fun day – he was totally adorable, and am really looking forward to my portrait session with him :)

But first I get to attend Skips Summer School in Vegas!!! That place will never get old. I get to hear from some incredible speakers, including Clay Blackmore, Bambi Cantrell, Bob Davis, Roberto Valenzuela, Matthew Jordan Smith…. the list goes on!! Best get packing – have a great weekend! x

Sneak Peak of Lorenzo’s Christening

I had the absolute pleasure of joining Ivy and Aris last Sunday for the Christening of their son Lorenzo! These are just a few of the details Ivy worked so hard on – I thought it turned out beautifully. I don’t think you can find a more photogenic baby than Lorenzo – who smiles on cue for the camera!….but they are yet to come.

Thank you so much Ivy and Aris for choosing me to photograph Lorenzo’s big day!

Love Storms

Just before bed last night I grabbed my camera and quickly snapped these images of the amaaaaazing lightning! I love the storms out here – and they are happening A LOT recently! Next investment has got to be a tripod though :)

Getting prepared for baby Lorenzo’s Christening tomorrow! Looks set to be a hot but great day :)

Roberto Valenzuela : “Break It Down”

Finally!! Here are the rest of the images from Roberto Valenzuela‘s LA Workshop!!

After landing in Chicago from my trip back to England, I immediately jumped on a Spirit Airlines plane (never do it people!!) to LA! After a few hours of sleep I was ready for Roberto’s 12+ hour workshop :) And that small effort was so worth the rewards from attending his one-day workshop!

I took under 100 shots at the workshop that day – that is including 2 separate locations and 2 different sets of models. This was because Roberto made us really look for the image; composition, pose, lighting etc and it was not until all elements were complete that we pressed the shutter button. The technique was definitely foreign from what I’m used to but resulted in every single image being usable and therefore very hard to choose from! The workshop itself was very personable with separate critiquing of peoples images (very very scary!!) and each having different goals and areas to improve on when we went on the photo shoot. Mine was to look for the triangulating light source so I can make my images ‘pop’! Roberto was so helpful and I’m sure everyone there would agree that they learnt some valuable techniques that day. I would HIGHLY recommend his workshop to anyone considering a full on, interactive day that will improve your business!!

Celebrating freedom from….England :)

Our Fourth of July Celebrations began with a day at the races!! With temperatures reaching over 90 we had an amazing day. Sadly, there were no huge wins on our horses (seeing as I picked them according to their relevant names or nice colours!) but the evening finished with some INCREDIBLE fireworks! I hope it will be my first 4th of many here – I officially love America!!!!!

Hope you all got to enjoy the 4th and watch the sky light up like we did :)

Beautiful Ava Ballerino x

I didn’t get enough time with this gorgeous girl when I went home, but my sister and I made the most of what we had! These are a few snaps I got of my baby niece Ava and she’s too adorable to not post all over my blog!! Em and me spent the day in a London park by her house, attempting to use up some of babies energy, chatting and eating english breakfast at 4pm :) I’m sure you’ll agree that her big baby blues just melt you! I love this little girl and can’t wait to get back to her x