The KK

How lucky am I?! Last Sunday, for the second time… I got to join THE Kenny Kim and Collin Pierson for Hong and Julie’s wedding!! And again it was incredible – this time I spent much more time assisting and watching both Kenny and Collin – who made everything look so effortless and the entire day was surprisingly calm! I hope I was some help, after coming off my ‘red eye’ flight from San Francisco I was a walking zombie assistant :) The ceremony and reception took place at the Rookery Building downtown, which is so ornate with gold leaf spread everywhere! I don’t have many images from the day but hopefully these few can give you a glimpse of the fabulous day I had. I can never thank you enough Kenny for every opportunity, and Collin for the countless words of advice and making me feel so welcome – see you both when I get back!
Well, it’s time for me to get packing – after nearly 10 months I fly back to England bright and early tomorrow morning! I can’t believe I get to see my baby niece in her christening gown in just over 24 hours, she couldn’t even crawl the last time I saw her. I can’t wait to see everyone, sleepless night ahead!! :) x

Fairy Land

So everyone who last attended Kenny and Ray’s Portfolio Plus Workshop in Chicago  were in for a real treat. When we arrived at Kenny Nakai’s downtown studio this unreal (somewhat magical) table top scene was being set up. I think all the participants knew their investment was the best decision they had made so far this year when they saw what they could photograph the next day!! And when it came to photographing the scene I managed to grab a couple of sneaky shots myself – it was too beautiful not to!!! The colours and details were sooo perfect…the hanging mirrored number, candles under the table, elegant glass-wear and countless details all created a space that almost looked like fairies could be flying around :)
The bouquets and flowers were designed by Grace at Vale of Enna Flowers
The gorgeous table top was provided by Charlene at Sweet Chic Events, Inc. & Pure Kitchen Catering

Maor and Carly

This Monday I had the pleasure of shooting Maor and Carly’s engagement session! Can you believe right now they are in the scorching heat of Israel, about to tie the knot!!!!! With this crazy Chicago weather we are having at the moment, I must say I wish I was the photographer there :)

Maor and Carly met in the very first week of their freshman year at Drake University! Well, it must have been love at first sight, because here they are well over 5 years down the line and they still completely infatuated and loved up. This made it very easy for me to catch their intimate moments – and the best part of it, they weren’t staged at all! This is just how these guys are, and it made our day so fun! The Chicago Botanic Gardens especially meant a lot to Carly and we had a blast getting to know each other and for me seeing her amazing place for the first time.

I know you will be having an incredible time back in Maor’s home country right now, and will look forward to seeing you both back in the mainland! Congratulations guys, so very very happy for you both :)