My Asuka Book Album!

Here are a few snaps from my first experience with AsukaBook Fine art coffee table albums! It was absolutely perfect for the Lorenzo’s Christening images to be displayed in such a special way :) I was very pleased with the outcome!!

As were Lorenzo’s parents, Aris and Ivy, who said:

“I almost shed tears looking at my son’s baptismal album. I never knew how powerful pictures can be if presented in a very good light. I’m very thankful for having you with us and for adding color to our special celebration. thanks again!”

This makes is worth all the hard design work :)


Cori and John Get Married!

I had the absolute pleasure of second shooting Cori and John’s wedding with my friend Evan Hunt a couple of weeks ago!! It was 13 hours of hard work but was so worth it! – It rained, i think, all day long – but Cori got her yellow wellies (rain boots for you Americans!) and matching umbrellas and had a blast! you can see more images from this wedding on Evan’s Blog :) Looking forward to another wedding this weekend Ev!!

Chris and Lindsay’s Beach Engagement Session!

Here are a few more from my session with Chris and Lindsay –

With the weather acting like it is these past couple of days in Chicago we were soooo lucky to catch the last glimpse of summer – and we spent the whole afternoon on the beach! Turned out to be an adventure with these guys – and who knew Evanston had all this to offer!!??

It was an absolute MUST to get a few (of course I took waaaaay too many) shots of Chris and Lindsay on a lifeguard chair – it’s where he proposed :)

Seriously – does it get any cuter than this!? must be love x

And just as the sun was starting to disappear and end our day we caught some ‘fall’ pictures….

I had such a great time guys!! and the evening was even better :) your TOO CUTE!!!!!

I hope it’s not getting old – she’s too cute!

So here’s my baby girl at 12 weeks, 14 weeks and now 16 – she just keeps growing. The image doesn’t show how much bigger she’s gotten, but Kaya is now bigger than 90% of the girly dogs in this building, and she’s only 16 weeks old!

So well behaved – and it’s her first training class tomorrow! so excited :)

It’s really cool to see her personality growing too – she’s so excited to see us every morning…and has become afraid of the dark :) need to purchase a doggy nightlight!!

time for snuggles!!!