Lisa + David: Engaged

They really do grow families this cute :) When I met Lisa and David about 8 months ago – Lisa had one of those adorable pregnancy bumps. You know the ones that are perfectly round and somehow still petite?! She was planning a wedding and getting ready for their first baby  – talk about having a lot on your plate! So when we were able to get together for their engagement shoot (weather permitting – third time’s a charm right!) I was so excited to meet the little mystery man! Asher made his way into our engagement shoot, because now Lisa and David aren’t just fiance, they are a family. He was perfect – seriously didn’t even make a peep the entire time!! I’m not exactly an expert on 4 month old babies but I do know he’s a rare find and am so so happy for Lisa and David!

I am beyond excited for their wedding next month and to see Asher in his adorable pageboy suit :) my heart will melt.

For now, enjoy this beautiful families engagement session x


Ava and Bella

These beautiful girls are my nieces :) Spending the last week with them was amazing and I just love being Auntie Jacqueline again!

Last time I was home Ava could barely string two words together and now she can easily tell me “You’re not my best friend anymore!” if ever she’s told ‘no’ :) She loves all things pink, rainbows and sparkly and if I could have bought her the entire Disney store I would have.


When I left Bella was old enough to know exactly who I was – so coming back is the best. I got a huge running huge and an “Auntie Jacqueline!!!!” when I walked through the door to pick her up from the babysitters. She joins in with our conversations now and is so thoughtful of other people – like choosing the milk chocolate easter egg instead of the white chocolate so we can all share :)

I miss these two so much – I can’t wait to go back again later this year and see how much more they will have grown!

Lila Turns 3 : Sneak Peak

A little glimpse into my Sunday morning :)

Moments that are only there for a second, and if you blink you will miss it. There were countless this morning :) And i’m thrilled to have been able to catch them.

// Many many more to come! //

Happy Sunday! xxx

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Lila: Christmas Card

We woke up to a very very gloomy, rainy Sunday afternoon. So instead of putting the session on the back burner for another day – Emma invited me around her GORGEOUS house take some photos of the beautiful Lila for their Christmas card. I’m so glad we made the most of the day as I had so much fun running around like a little kid with Lila and the rain even let up just for a minute so we could play outside! I think you’ll agree that smile just melts you – so darn cute!!! :)

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Happy Friday everyone! Have a lovely weekend!!

The Dancer Family!

Here are a few more images from the family session I did a couple of weeks ago down in Champaign…

We love this family! Brad is the men’s head tennis coach at U of I and Billy’s old coach! Haylie and him have this gorgeous little boy you can see here, Jackson – and another one in the oven!!! :)

I had such a lovely time seeing you guys, and Jackson is SO ADORABLE!!

Have a relaxing Sunday everyone x

Melts your heart?!

And here’s Jackson saying hello to his little brother or sister – to – be!