Fluffy Company

4.15am this morning came the ever-so-familiar call from the taxi waiting outside. One last big hug and he walks out the door with his huge tennis bags thrown over his shoulder. And who jumps up onto the bed, flips over onto her back so her four huge paws fall over my body :) Kaya knows this routine by now and doesn’t need to be told to come keep me company anymore. It might sound silly but I’m not sure what I would do on these long weeks the hubs travels, she’s my big loving ball of fur :)

And this last week we had two of these loving fur balls to keep us company! Billy and I had Kaya’s best friend Maddie to stay while his parents soaked in the Florida sunshine. Literally – they are best friends. I just need to mention her name and Kaya’s ears perk up…pulling round to his parent’s house and she starts squealing! We might have had a call from the police on her last night here. They had complaints from the neighbors that a dog that was barking non-stop…..oops! Mad’s was just warning the squirrels to stay away :) But look at those big brown eyes…how could you ever get mad at that?!

So this week it’s me and my pup and I’m thinking this spring weather calls for our beach days to come back! Plus i’m missing Mad’s so if anyone wants a puppy play date, Kaya and me are in :)

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Ava and Bella

These beautiful girls are my nieces :) Spending the last week with them was amazing and I just love being Auntie Jacqueline again!

Last time I was home Ava could barely string two words together and now she can easily tell me “You’re not my best friend anymore!” if ever she’s told ‘no’ :) She loves all things pink, rainbows and sparkly and if I could have bought her the entire Disney store I would have.


When I left Bella was old enough to know exactly who I was – so coming back is the best. I got a huge running huge and an “Auntie Jacqueline!!!!” when I walked through the door to pick her up from the babysitters. She joins in with our conversations now and is so thoughtful of other people – like choosing the milk chocolate easter egg instead of the white chocolate so we can all share :)

I miss these two so much – I can’t wait to go back again later this year and see how much more they will have grown!

Lila Turns 3 : Sneak Peak

A little glimpse into my Sunday morning :)

Moments that are only there for a second, and if you blink you will miss it. There were countless this morning :) And i’m thrilled to have been able to catch them.

// Many many more to come! //

Happy Sunday! xxx

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Lila: Christmas Card

We woke up to a very very gloomy, rainy Sunday afternoon. So instead of putting the session on the back burner for another day – Emma invited me around her GORGEOUS house take some photos of the beautiful Lila for their Christmas card. I’m so glad we made the most of the day as I had so much fun running around like a little kid with Lila and the rain even let up just for a minute so we could play outside! I think you’ll agree that smile just melts you – so darn cute!!! :)

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Happy Friday everyone! Have a lovely weekend!!