True Friends.

I woke up to a whatsapp message last wednesday that said she was going to be flying to Dallas on a business trip and had managed to get an overnight stay in CHICAGO on Saturday!! :) I squealed (waking Billy up) and ran around the house cleaning Emily’s room ready for her less-than-24-hour stay. That being said…from picking her up at the airport at 4pm, we managed to fit in a shopping trip, dinner at cheesecake factory – and dessert of course – , antique shopping downtown, brunch at bongo room and a quick stop in Evanston to get her boyfriend some USA craft beers (World of Beer in Evanston – brand new and a beer lovers dream!) All before dropping Em at the airport by 3pm the following day! She’s one of those friends who you may not have seen properly for over a year, but feels like no time has past as soon as you run and give each other airport arrival hugs :) A true friend who downgrades her 8hour flight from business class to economy just to see you xxx2013-01-25_001

Left: Morocco 2010

Right: University Ball 2007

LD5A29102013-01-29_002LD5A29012013-01-29_001LD5A29052013-01-29_003LD5A2908Love you Em! Thank you so much for staying up till 6am your time talking to me, flying economy  and making the effort to come to Chicgao just for one night :) xxxxx

Australian Open 2013

I may not play tennis (I’m actually truly terrible) but being married to a tennis coach I think it would be fair to say I know a fair share about the sport. Over the years I have not only grown to appreciate it but now – somewhat as a necessity if I am to choose to live with my husband – love watching it! So when Athletic DNA asked me to shoot their sponsored guys during the Australian Open I was pretty happy :) Of course shooting weddings is where my heart lies but any time you can diversify you can only learn and ultimately grow! It also meant that Billy and I got to work together…in Melbourne?! I’m not sure we ever thought the athletic coach and creative photographer would ever collide on the job, but it was pretty awesome – and the location made it that much better! Billy’s player – Tim Smyczek – made it through qualifying and beat Ivo Karlovic in the first round of the main draw. Second round he faced Ferrer (4 in the world) in a stadium packed with 12,000 Australians rooting for Tim! The atmosphere was unreal, and once Tim had warmed up to it, he took Ferrer to 4 sets, walking away with an L but displaying some unreal tennis.

Here are the guys I shot for Athletic DNA:


Daniel Kosakowski 
Tennys Sandgren2013-01-25_004

Rajeev Ram



Here is Tim Smyczek (Billy’s player) practicing before first round of qualies.


I was too nervous to shoot Tim during his matches – safe to say I will make a terrible sports mum! But managed to grab this one shot of him looking at Billy after he won the first round of the main draw :)


And finally here are a few snippets from our days off wandering around downtown, drinking coffee, eating chocolate and generally enjoying the scorching temperatures!


Happy Birthday Mum

It’s days like these it dawns on me how large the Atlantic Ocean really is! It’s been 3 years since I’ve been at home for my Mum’s birthday – and one of these years i’ll just stop on by Heathrow and surprise her!! :) This year she’s sunning it up in Tunisia the lucky thing, so it wouldn’t have been the best time! I just wanted to take a moment and wish the best Mummy in the world a happy happy birthday from 5,000 miles away (yes, i looked it up :) – google maps said so).


However, it does help when you get to spend these days filled with wonderful people! Enjoying brunch with the gorgeous Britta , talking all things photography! Followed by what’s to be one amazing evening at the first home Blackhawks game with the hubby!! :) Any hawks fans out there?!

Ultimately it’s a day of realizing how very lucky I am to have such lovely people in my life – even if so many of them are 5,000 miles away :) xxx

Photo taken by the amazing Kenny Kim

A Glimpse Of Oz

It feels so good to be home! Back in the land of wifi, blogging and no credit card minimums :) That being said our 2 weeks in Australia were amazing. The full post will be coming soon, so be prepared for an overload of tennis photos! But in the meantime here is our time in Melbourne through instagram (did you know I was obsessed?!)….


1. The winding streets of melbourne – reminded me of european cafes

2. Flinders street station

3. Ice cream in coffee – score :)

4 – 6. Melbourne is known for it’s chocolate …. and packing on the lbs!!

7. the guys

8. Ready for our first day at work in Oz – photographer + tennis coach

10-12. My favorite town – Fitzroy…thank you Caroline for telling me to check it out!

11-12. 5am starts :) favorite time of the day


1-2. soaking in the sun while tim practiced

3. Too hot to go outside

4-8. The player’s party… sooo many animals :) couldn’t have been happier!! The baby Roo was by far my favorite – oh and the fire is some unbelievable bar tricks!

11. South bank – heading to dinner

12. Wathcing Kev play – he did awesome making it to the round of 16 for the first time!!!

15. Winning :) First round main drawer Tim beat Ivo Karlovic  !!


1. Team Tim/Kev: me, Kelsey and Billy

4. Amazing graffiti everywhere!!

5. Our last couple of days – was time to say goodbye to Melbourne and head back to the  ice block that is Chicago :(