London Bound

It’s come around so fast!!! How am I already leaving today for our wedding NEXT WEEKEND!?

I can’t wait to see everyone at home :) so soon now!

This is just my ‘note of absence’ for 3 whole weeks!! I’ll still be answering emails, but what with my wedding brain and time difference I may be a little slower than usual :)

See you all when I’m a Mrs!!!!

Wedding shot with Evan Hunt

‘We Do’ : Naja and Darius

He instantly knew he had to talk to that girl. He found out her name, looked her up in the companies phonebook, dialed the number, knowing he would keep dialing until she picked up. Naja picked up – and there began this couples love story. His persistence paid off as Naja and Darius say ‘we do’ this August!

Their love was magnetic and just so natural to capture! Despite accidents with random deer in the middle of the highway we were able to change locations and made the engagement shoot happen in Evanston :) It really didn’t matter where they were – it so clear to see how happy in love they are with each other!!



DIY Wedding Invitation Set

Before I headed down the path of ‘the bride’ instead of ‘the photographer’ this past year I really did not have a grasp on all of the other aspects that make up a wedding! I was focussed on how the bride chooses her photographer. And just the photographer… But from the very beginning there are SOOOO many decisions that a bride has to make!!!! Undoubtably the photographer is her biggest decision but I soon realised that I was also very into the details of my wedding :)

The first one that came up was the invitation! And I don’t know about all the other brides out there but I could not make my mind up when looking through different invitation sets! I knew exactly what I wanted and just couldn’t find anything like it out there. I traipsed paper source, etsy, local letterpress companies until I decided that in order to get the look that I wanted I would have to make them myself (with a little help!!)

So incase there is a bride out there who has a similar idea…here’s how I went about making 100 invitation sets :)

Have you heard of Archivers? They were awesome with the very basics! I headed there for the kraft paper and envelopes.

On a vintage shopping excursion I came across this adorable wooden ‘H’ stamp which I grabbed for $5!! You could also get a new one from paper source or michaels :)

With some white ink I went ahead and stamped all the main envelopes and RSVP envelopes with the ‘H’

I used fed-ex kinkos for any paper cutting that was needed….which was A LOT!! I cut the kraft paper to size (it came as a card so simply asked them to half both the larger kraft cards and smaller rsvp kraft cards to make individual pieces of paper)

So at this point I had 100+ 5×4 envelopes and card stock, 100+ 4×3 envelopes and card stock.

And this is where the amazing Erin Joy, my wonderful amazing friend, took the time out of her crazy schedule and designed the invitation and RSVP wording!! I am totally in looooove with the work she did!! For anyone else out there, there are plenty of templates online or customizable templates through Etsy. However, I really love how unique this is – she did an amazing job!!

Once I received her final design (and with a lot of patience on her part!) I was able to go ahead and print! I used cardstock from paper source – the thicker the better! I printed double on each a4 paper and then took it to kinkos to cut exactly to size…

It takes a few trial and error moments to make sure everything is aligned but stick with it! If you want to print on kraft paper kinko’s wont do it with their laser printing machines but your regular inkjet will work just fine!

How cute is the post card style!! She wrote the address directly on the RSVP so I wouldn’t have to print it on every envelope :)

The next step is assembling everything. Some good double sided tape will work to mount the paper onto the kraft card stock (just to warn you it’s time consuming!)

I then purchased a bunch of keys through Etsy – there are many designs out there and although they are not cheap I really love the look! The manilla tags were just from staples and I used this awesome customisable stamp from staples as well for a little message on the tags. On the back of the tags is our wedding website :) This was all tied together with twine bought at Home Depot.

Finally, the last step is the envelopes! You can send them to a calligrapher or put them through your printer, like below.

This whole process has definitely made me able to relate to my bride’s much more! There is so much hard work that goes into planning a wedding, but it is all worth it! :)