Christmas Card Session with the Harron’s

Here are a few shots from the Harron’s Christmas Card Session last weekend!! You might be thinking it’s pretty early to be thinking about your christmas cards but the weather is perfect right now!!

Conrad and Alexandra were seasoned experts to the Christmas Card photo-session and put up with me for the whole hour :)

We also managed to grab some images of Conrad up against the brick wall that made his tennis what it is today…

If you are interested about your own family Christmas Card Session there are 2 options!!

Christmas Card Portrait Session: $250

Mini-Christmas Card Session: $175

She’s Growing!!

Yup she’s almost doubled in size! The baby weighs 26 lbs at 15 weeks old!! Training starts next weekend – :) :)

So here she is at 12 weeks on the left and 14 1/12 weeks on the right:

she’s still perfect, chewing everything and being a pup – love her!

D.I.Y Canvas Quotes

I know there’s quite a few ‘pinterest’ addicts out there!!…. I admit to being one of them. But I normally don’t make use of this amazing app :)

So i figured during my apartment ‘makeover’ I could take on some of the challenges! I loved this canvas when I saw it pinned, but they had designed a pattern on it…I figured you could do the same thing with quotes. I made this one for Billy, lyrics from an O.A.R song.

If you were interested in doing the same thing all you need is:

– Puffy paint (I used matte)

– Wax proof paper

– Mod podge glue

– Any old canvas!!

I chose my quote and as a font snob searched for my fav….I printed off the quote and over wax proof paper started with the puffy paint. This is because I made MANY mistakes! I left it over night to dry then peeled off, arranged and stuck down with the glue. I have canvas’ lying around from painting but any canvas at Michaels will do. Puffy paint comes in all colours, textures etc…but white is my favourite colour :) you say boring I say bright! I think this will go above the bed with an arrangement of white frames, canvas’, mirrors.

Look out for more D.I.Y projects – this one was fun!

And a quick one of Kaya being cute this morning – just because :)

My Bundle of Fluff x

Seriously, come on – how cute is Kaya!!!!

I’m totally besotted with this ‘little’ bundle of fluff. Today was by far perfection – Kaya and me all day… Early morning wake-up call, breakfast together, 3 mile run, editing-album designing-emailing-logo designing with her snuggling by my feet, stroll to starbucks where she sat so calmly letting me carry on working, then a cozy evening by the fire…well not the fire we live on the 28th floor, but you get the jist.

These were taken on Sunday – she’s totally coming out of her shy shell now, and it’s so fun to see her ‘terrible two’ spirit out in full force! I’m afraid these are the first of many – she’s just the BEST subject.

Well she’s having crazy doggy dreams now – i think it’s about time for me to join! Night all x

Family Portrait Session with the Alindogan’s!

So I finally got round to posting some of the images from my lovely afternoon spent with the Alindogan family! Luckily we had some amazing weather – seeing as the week before we had to cancel the portrait session because of the crazy Chicago thunderstorms!! But this time it went perfectly, walking around the parks on a sunday afternoon and playing on the beach. First time Lorenzo had seen sand – was too funny. Enzo had just been woken up from his nap so I think he did amazingly to pose and behave for 2 hours straight!!

Since then it’s been a little crazy this end! Decided to re-decorate our apartment so look out for some ‘before and hopefully after’ shots – a lot of painting coming up in the next week :)

And of course our new pup Kaya!! Pure-bred German Shepherd, i don’t think it’s my biased mummy eyes but she is BEAUTIFUL!! had a little doggy portrait session in the park yesterday so they’ll go up asap! Also working on a ‘time lapse’ portrait of Kaya over the next 6 months so we can document and eventually frame her grow – all people say is ‘she’s going to be big!!’ so i’ll actually record it :)

Have a happy Labor Day!