Puppy Turns 5 Months!!

Time has literally flown by! Kaya is 5 months old! we’ll be having a half birthday soon :) She’s doing so well!! She’s learnt sit, down, place, stay….and we’re working on the ‘come’ – not so effective when a squirrel runs past.
Loving the new home – has a yard to run around in and a park opposite! soooo much better than the noisy city sidewalks…. yuk.

So here we are at 12 weeks and 14 weeks….

And here we have 4 months and now 5 months! I think a huge difference this time!Her coat has actually changed colour – that’s not my camera work :)

But don’t be fooled by the tough guy exterior – she might be getting bigger but she’s allll puppy – sliding on the hard wood floors, falling down the stairs, falling off the couch, and still not able to jump in the car without a little help!!

Ah – the toothless dog is chewing on my slippers – night!! x