Hand Made: Ombre Yarn Lampshade

Talk about Pinterest gone wrong! Or maybe I’m just a perfectionist….yes, that sounds more like it! I’ve had this yarn for a while, I was initally going to use it on a different lampshade, but one bottle of white spray paint later and that one ended up in the rubbish :)

I’ve always loves the ombre look but I never died my hair or painted my nails ombre, so thought what the hec – why not decorate in ombre ;)

What you’ll need:

  • 3 colors of yarn.¬†
  • hot glue gun (I love these!)
  • Ideally a shade with a circumference that is all even – not like the one pictured as the yarn will tend to ‘bunch’

2013-04-03_024This is what the lampshade looked like originally:


  • Start at the bottom – I would suggest to pencil measurements around the base so you don’t end up with uneven spacing (something I didn’t do!)
  • Only place the hot glue in one place all the way down the shade, this way you wont end up with ‘tugging’ leaving you with gaps between the yarn and the shade


  • When you are finished with your first color wrap it gently around the shade a few times and pick the same spot where you are using the glu gun to start with the second color.


So I thought I was done. But no. I didn’t like how bunched up it was! You can see where the layers of yarn almost overlap. I didn’t pull it tight enough and also used too much hotglue so the yarn was being stretched in different directions…So I pulled it all off and started from scratch.

Tip: Pull the yarn taught and it would be much much easier on an even circumference lampshade!


Final Product:
2013-04-03_029This isn’t perfect but it’s definitely much better and a lot more fun than the boring shade we had before!

Today is a day for running errands – I’m a little scared to look at my to-do list :) That being said I am so SO excited for the gorgeous Lisa and David’s engagement session tomorrow!!! :) :) Eeeps! Can’t wait to share already!

Happy happy Friday to you all xx