Salvatore’s Wedding Chicago

Finally, we’ve made it home! And this time I have a husband in hand :) Somehow we actually made it on the same flight back – as I’m flying standby this year I’m thinking that may be the only time that happens. We had an such amazing time in Siesta Key (more pics to come!)

The day before I left, I had the pleasure of shooting with the wonderful Emilia Jane! I don’t think Jen stopped smiling the entire day, it was so contagious! A simply gorgeous wedding full to the brim with so much love :) Enjoy!

2013-04-21_001 2013-04-21_0062013-04-21_0072013-04-21_002 2013-04-21_003 2013-04-21_004 2013-04-21_005 2013-04-21_008 2013-04-21_009 2013-04-21_010 2013-04-21_0202013-04-21_0242013-04-21_011 2013-04-21_012 2013-04-21_013 2013-04-21_014 2013-04-21_015 2013-04-21_0162013-04-21_017 2013-04-21_0232013-04-21_018 2013-04-21_019 2013-04-21_025 2013-04-21_026 2013-04-21_028 2013-04-21_029 2013-04-21_030 2013-04-21_031 2013-04-21_0332013-04-21_032 2013-04-21_034 2013-04-21_035 2013-04-21_036

Thank you to the amazing Emilia Jane for having me along to second shoot for the day!! :)

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