Home : London

I find myself talking about ‘home’ in different contexts. Whenever I am in Chicago that is my home, where my husband is, my puppy, my career. Then as soon as I touch ground in England every part of that is home. From the green fields with sheep grazing, the cobbled streets and pedestrianized towns, sensible motorway driving and of course my family and friends :)  Initially I had this idea that you had to have one home  – so I was supposed to swap it from London to Chicago. But how silly is that?! Anyone who has moved continents – or even states or towns – will realise that you can have two homes. Two places that hold your heart.

Here is one of my places and a little glimpse into my short but ever so sweet trip home…

A day out in London with my sister Becca :) – I love my beautiful niece Bella to bits! But we hadn’t spent a whole day with just us two sisters in over 3 years so this was beyond special. We roamed around the city untill we got to Skylon Bar where she treated me to an amazing wine-filled lunch :)


We then decided to be cultural and go somewhere we could only go by ourselves. The Light Show  at the Hayward Gallery was like no other art show I’ve been to!! There were some pieces that were seriously mesmerizing, others that left you completely confused, some were simply beautiful and a couple that we found ourselves giggling at :) (yes we were the two girls in the corner laughing at the lightbulb hanging from the ceiling!)

2013-03-23_008And you just can’t leave a trip to England without a takeout Indian!!!
2013-03-23_009Even though my trip was short notice, I was able to spend almost my entire weekend with some of the most special girls :) Meet Poppy – the new addition to Nic’s household … soooo cute!!!2013-03-23_0372013-03-23_0212013-03-23_0362013-03-23_038

Here is (some of) my crazy family :) … (our waiter did a good job right?!)



How I was lucky enough to have Sunday lunch with the entire U of I group I’m not sure, but it was amazing :)


Days spent driving around the village my mum grew up in, getting lunch with my Mum and sister…

There are so many people not pictured who went out of their way to see me! Perfect dinners, amazing pub lunches. It’s so exciting to see all the changes in my friends from promotions to buying their first houses :) I can’t wait to go home the next time, see the people I missed and catch up with everyone else :) Love you all!! xx

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