Palm Springs

While I had the time of my life in Santa Barbara for United 2013, it was a complete whirlwind of learning, meeting, parties, socializing that I think left all of us in NEED of an extra vacation. Some time to just breath and take in everything that we had learnt. It just so happened that one of my goals for 2013 was to make the effort and go and see Billy more when he travels for work…so when he ended up being able to make it out to Palm Springs early, it seemed that life had dealt us a good set of cards :)

Taking my treacherous driving through the mountains out of the equation – we had the most amazing 4 days! We managed to hike up a mountain (harder that it looks by the way!). With a couple of wrong turns that left us literally climbing and holding onto rocks, we got to the top together. We spent an evening strolling downtown – and made sure we watched the blackhawks WIN! No less than twice in 1 day did we set the alarm off when we got back to the house, which resulted in the police shouting to “make your presence known!”…oops. I’ve decided that when we grown up and buy our first home – a hottub will be a necessity ;) Then, when Tim arrived I got a cooking (and drinking…) partner! Cooking dinner on the bbq was amazing but all diving into the pool at midnight – so much fun!

This just makes me so excited for summer, the wedding season, wearing shorts, taking the pup to the beach, sleeping with the windows open and cooking outside :)


For my amazing 2013 brides – this book is awesome! It’s not the psycho-analytic nonsense your thinking…once I get it back from being leant I’ll write a post about it! 2013-03-07_0012013-03-07_0132013-03-07_0142013-03-07_0062013-03-07_0092013-03-07_0242013-03-07_012 2013-03-07_0252013-03-07_011 2013-03-07_0262013-03-07_0102013-03-07_0082013-03-07_0052013-03-07_0232013-03-07_0172013-03-07_0182013-03-07_0192013-03-07_0152013-03-07_0072013-03-07_0212013-03-07_0222013-03-07_0202013-03-07_004


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