United 2013

Going to grab a coffee with Lauren last month, I had no idea it would literally change my little world. She casually asks me if I’m going to United this year. I shrugged off the question and said no – I figured one major conference was enough for the year. I can’t thank Lauren enough for not letting it drop, finding me a (side of a) bed in her room and whisking me to Santa Barbara for what was definitely an unbelievable week :)

I suppose I thought there are some awesome speakers so I would probably learn a few business tricks, marketing ploys or photography secrets. I mean, that’s what usually happens right? But we rarely put those different ideas and opinions to use – because, well, they just don’t fit into our life. United was completely opposite. It took everything back to your roots. Instead of preaching their philosophies, each speaker made you look at your own individual business, your own life and how you could help yourself.

Above everything, we kept coming back to WHY. Why did you pursue photography and why do you still do it? Before your business even existed….I’m a profound worrier. I think it’s genetic ;) it definitely runs in our family at least! Last week made me take a step back and realise that worrying is selfish. It accomplishes nothing other than getting more and more tangled in your own selfish thoughts. If I take myself back to when I just had a camera in my hand and it made Billy and me happy to be able to do what we love, everything else gains perspective.

Here is a little glimpse into the wonderful information shared;

“You can’t help others be happy if you don’t have it yourself”

“Time is what we want most, but use the worst”

“Without vision in life we perish”

“You can’t live unless you are ready to die”

“How can you be depressed if you know there is just one person in the world who needs your gift”

The friendships made and strengthened that week were by far the best thing :) There were so soooo many to try and name… the amazing Trevor, Timothy, Chad and Keith for rescuing me at LAX :) THANK YOU! The wonderful girls of room 505, Lauren, Jackie and Jessica – LOVE YOU! The midnight games of cards against humanity with some besties, hotseat laughs, roadtriping with Evan, hand-delivered coffee from Montana, midnight stroll with Meg, lunch conversations, balcony talks at freedom house….literally the list could go on and on and on. You guys are all the best and we will all grow so much more while we are on this journey together :) So grateful for each and every one of you! xx

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9 thoughts on “United 2013

  1. Reading this and looking at photos of sunshine just filled up my soul to the brim :) There is NO WAY I am missing out next year! Coffee soon? I want to hear all of the details :)

  2. I can’t even tell you how happy I am that you went. I had such an amazing week and you were a gigantic part of that. I can’t wait to hang out as “real friends” an play many more games of hot seat. :)

  3. Love this and I am so glad Lauren didn’t give up! It was so awesome getting to know you and Karen & I will never forget the late night game of hot seat :)

  4. Britta! As soon as i’m back in town I’ll be needing some pretzel white choc pancakes with you :)

    Lauren – can never get enough of hot seat – I think we only just got started!!

    Isaac – It was such a pleasure meeting you and Karen!! You guys are awesome and our last night all together was definitely a memorable one!

  5. Beautiful post. It was such a fantastic experience. :) I’m glad you were there, it was wonderful to see you again. I love the shot from Christianne’s shoot!

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