Australian Open 2013

I may not play tennis (I’m actually truly terrible) but being married to a tennis coach I think it would be fair to say I know a fair share about the sport. Over the years I have not only grown to appreciate it but now – somewhat as a necessity if I am to choose to live with my husband – love watching it! So when Athletic DNA asked me to shoot their sponsored guys during the Australian Open I was pretty happy :) Of course shooting weddings is where my heart lies but any time you can diversify you can only learn and ultimately grow! It also meant that Billy and I got to work together…in Melbourne?! I’m not sure we ever thought the athletic coach and creative photographer would ever collide on the job, but it was pretty awesome – and the location made it that much better! Billy’s player – Tim Smyczek – made it through qualifying and beat Ivo Karlovic in the first round of the main draw. Second round he faced Ferrer (4 in the world) in a stadium packed with 12,000 Australians rooting for Tim! The atmosphere was unreal, and once Tim had warmed up to it, he took Ferrer to 4 sets, walking away with an L but displaying some unreal tennis.

Here are the guys I shot for Athletic DNA:


Daniel Kosakowski 
Tennys Sandgren2013-01-25_004

Rajeev Ram



Here is Tim Smyczek (Billy’s player) practicing before first round of qualies.


I was too nervous to shoot Tim during his matches – safe to say I will make a terrible sports mum! But managed to grab this one shot of him looking at Billy after he won the first round of the main draw :)


And finally here are a few snippets from our days off wandering around downtown, drinking coffee, eating chocolate and generally enjoying the scorching temperatures!



One thought on “Australian Open 2013

  1. Great shots! I’m dying! haha These are spectacular! If you ever need a luggage carrier/second shooter/fellow photo lover/tennis enthusiast I’m your gal! ;)
    See you this weekend! Can’t wait!

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