Happy Birthday Mum

It’s days like these it dawns on me how large the Atlantic Ocean really is! It’s been 3 years since I’ve been at home for my Mum’s birthday – and one of these years i’ll just stop on by Heathrow and surprise her!! :) This year she’s sunning it up in Tunisia the lucky thing, so it wouldn’t have been the best time! I just wanted to take a moment and wish the best Mummy in the world a happy happy birthday from 5,000 miles away (yes, i looked it up :) – google maps said so).


However, it does help when you get to spend these days filled with wonderful people! Enjoying brunch with the gorgeous Britta , talking all things photography! Followed by what’s to be one amazing evening at the first home Blackhawks game with the hubby!! :) Any hawks fans out there?!

Ultimately it’s a day of realizing how very lucky I am to have such lovely people in my life – even if so many of them are 5,000 miles away :) xxx

Photo taken by the amazing Kenny Kim


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