Kristyn + Ryan: Engaged

It’s clear to see why she has a constant smile on her face with a guy so witty and outgoing. They work perfectly together, with one shouting out to random strangers if the Colts won… BEARS fans!?! And the other walking by his side, completely content in his embrace. It’s awesome to see how easy they are being with each other – familiar yet exciting at the same time. It’s obvious that Kristyn and Ryan are supposed to be together and I just can’t wait to capture their wedding next year!! :)

2012-12-21_001 LD5A1334 2012-12-21_002 LD5A1391 LD5A1373 LD5A1432 2012-12-21_004 LD5A1451 LD5A1462 2012-12-21_003 LD5A1471 LD5A1417 2012-12-21_005 LD5A1526 LD5A1553 2012-12-21_006 LD5A1569 2012-12-21_007 LD5A1583 2012-12-21_008 LD5A1501 LD5A1510 LD5A1658 LD5A1664 LD5A1666 2012-12-21_009 LD5A1683 2012-12-21_010 LD5A1697 2012-12-21_011 LD5A1738 LD5A1735


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