Parker + Alexis: Family Shoot

I’m so pleased I was able to spend the afternoon with this gorgeous family and Alexis is the perfect addition :) I couldn’t be happier for Brit and Bill and can’t wait to watch this little one grow up – she certainly has the best big-brother to look after her!!


2012-12-19_005 LD5A1269 LD5A1203 LD5A1313 2012-12-19_002 LD5A1289 LD5A1259-2 LD5A1241 LD5A1243-2 2012-12-19_003 LD5A1225-2 LD5A1222 LD5A1219 2012-12-19_004 LD5A1215 LD5A1211 LD5A1268 2012-12-19_006 LD5A1210 LD5A1329 LD5A1323 LD5A1320 2012-12-19_001


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