Lila: Christmas Card

We woke up to a very very gloomy, rainy Sunday afternoon. So instead of putting the session on the back burner for another day – Emma invited me around her GORGEOUS house take some photos of the beautiful Lila for their Christmas card. I’m so glad we made the most of the day as I had so much fun running around like a little kid with Lila and the rain even let up just for a minute so we could play outside! I think you’ll agree that smile just melts you – so darn cute!!! :)

LD5A0897 2012-12-14_001 LD5A0907 LD5A0922 LD5A0918 LD5A0911 LD5A0920 2012-12-14_002 LD5A0926 2012-12-14_003 LD5A1024 LD5A0948 2012-12-14_007 LD5A1005 2012-12-14_004 LD5A1102 LD5A1135 LD5A1189 2012-12-14_006 LD5A1143 LD5A1151 2012-12-14_005 LD5A1176 LD5A1190 LD5A1197 LD5A1198

Happy Friday everyone! Have a lovely weekend!!


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