Marek and Morgan: The Proposal

About 4 months ago I got an email from Marek asking me if I was busy on November 11th, around 1 in the afternoon….

I met Marek 4 years ago at U of I  when he played on the same team as Billy. What I do know about him is he loves to plan – and this time I had a sneaky feeling it could be non-tennis related and something waaaaay more exciting ;) And it was!! He confirmed he was planning to propose to his girlfriend, Morgan – and was planning it months in advance!! I was so giddy, this is a totally new concept to me – Billy and I are more of a ‘book our flight the night before’, ‘christmas shopping on christmas eve’ kind of couple :) BUT it meant I had to wait … and be patient. Not so good at that.

However, when the time came Marek couldn’t have made it any more perfect. Morgan lives up this way and Marek lives in Florida. Without her knowing, and a few fake stories he managed to fly up to Chicago the night before – that’s a surprise in itself right?! With the help of her Mum and amazing friend Terri, they blindsided Morgan by telling her to get ready for an event at their country club. Marek and Morgan’s first date was at a pumpkin patch – but they have all been taken down by now so they decided to set up their own little patch at the club! How cute!!

With Marek hiding behind the wall – and me hiding in the hedges with my 70-200mm waving at the golfers (who totally thought I was a creeper) we waited for Morgan….

We were lucky enough to steal 10 minutes to grab a few pictures – while her family waited for them inside, champagne in hand!

Favorite… what a goofball :)

THAT is totally a heart shaped leaf!!

I’m just so so so happy for you both and it is just clear to see you are perfect for each other! Thank you so much for having me there and letting me be a part of this amazing day :) xxxx

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