Hand Made: Chalkboard Window Frame

Judging by last week my new ‘Hand Made’ series was a hit! woohoo!! So i’ll keep going with this Vintage Window Frame Chalkboard!

I made this frame for our Reception party back in the US….

But decided to clean it up and use it in my office! For now, it stays as a chalkboard but I’ll definitely re-purpose it soon :)

Things needed:

1. ‘Chalk board’ paint spray. You could buy the actual tin of paint but you may end up with brush strokes. You can buy either at Home Depot.

2.  Vintage Window Frame: I realised pretty quickly that it’s quite tough to find one with the glass all still in tact! Luckily I came across this one for $25 at an antique mall. If you do find one that has broken glass you could always get Home Depot to cut the correct size to slot into the frame. I will need to do this if I want to repurpose it as a picture frame.

3. Picture Hooks

You could totally use a frame like this at a wedding to show guests where they are seated – but instead of the chalk you would just write directly onto the glass :) I’m definitely thinking a few fun wedding pictures will go inside this soon!!

I can’t believe it’s Friday already!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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