Hand Made: A Series of DIY Household Experiments!

Anyone who knows me knows I love crafting, painting, sticking and generally creating something! A while ago I blogged a couple of my experiments like the hand made canvas, some gift ideas and my wedding invitations. They turned out to be a huge hit! I had people finding the ideas on Pinterest and contacting me through my website. It got me thinking – I should probably share a few more of those ideas, even if only a couple of people decide to take on the little challenges :)

So I’m going to kick start this series of blog posts with this ADORABLE vintage book centerpiece. This idea was totally stolen from this gorgeous vintage inspired wedding. I actually wouldn’t have needed to steal the idea as the bride graciously gave us one of her centerpiece’s on our way out! I was so giddy! However, an incident with a honda, highway and a deer occurred…and the poor centerpiece was no longer! It’s something i’ve been meaning to do for so long and decided it would be the perfect start!

Things needed:

1. Vintage books – hardcover (any used bookstore, goodwill, salvation army are full of them!)

2. Super super glue

3. A jigsaw to cut the hole – or in my case a very kind man at Home Depot

4. A mini plant/succulent or yummy smelling candle

As you can see – the supplies are minimal! First things first you need to take one book and measure 3 inches or 10cm diameter for the circle to be cut out. If any of you nifty people have a jigsaw, then I’m jealous! If not just go to Home Depot and the guys will cut out the pages of the book in the 10cm circle – all the way down to the back cover which will be the bottom.

While your at Home Depot pick up some extra super glue! :) You can then mount the book with the hole onto another. This just gives it some weight – if you wanted you could always leave it as one book – or add more!

If you wanted to use your centerpiece with succulents – as shown in the wedding – I would advise to cut the base of a red solo cup so you are able to water it! I have yet to buy one – but when I do i’ll post a picture :)

I actually had a couple of Bath & Body Works candles at home – they smell amazing but look kind of blah by themselves. The smaller 4oz size with 1 wick fits perfectly into the 10cm diameter! I wanted to make sure they would fit but not be ‘floating around’ and out of luck they are the exact size.

At the moment I’m using them with my table centerpiece while I don’t have fresh flowers. However, I think it will look cute on a side table in the living room. For any brides this really is a very inexpensive and non-labor intensive diy decor for your wedding! It could be used on the guest book table, centerpiece or gift table.

So what do you think? Yay or nay? Either way it was SO fun making it and will do my best to make it a weekly update :) Happy Friday everyone – have a wonderful weekend!!


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