Bundle of fluff Turns 9 months old xx

That tiny little ball of fluff that sat on my lap in the car, as we drove her away from her sisters and the country into the big city has turned 9 months!!! She’s gone from being scared of even stepping out of the front door to escaping :) And however much I think she stays the same everyone can’t believe how much she’s grown! The vet’s scales seemed to agree – being 70lbs! But given that her Mum was verging on 90lbs and her Dad was over 100lbs I think we still have a little way to go…

So here’s Miss Kaya – aka goofball –  at her mini 9 month photo shoot!

Our guard door – doesn’t let the bunnies get anywhere near her front yard :)

So here we are! 12 weeks, 14 weeks, 4 months, 5 months, 7 months and 9 months….

she makes us laugh every single day – I smile when her paw scratches me awake, when she falls off the bed and especially when her tongue looks like its flying away out of the car window! she’s cute, i love this dog!


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