The Fix – Chi Town

On Wednesday I somehow lucked out and was able to help at Jasmine Star’s Chicago stop of ‘The Fix’ tour! I got to meet some really REALLY awesome people and also caught up with some old friends :)

I was having too much fun with these ladies I almost forgot why I was there in the first place. Jasmine’s talk:

Her emphasis on struggle is what really got to me. So I’m struggling – we’re all struggling right?! Starting a business isn’t easy. In fact it’s INCREDIBLY HARD!! all the worries that go along with it – you always only have yourself to blame. I can make excuses, far too easily, but as Jasmine quoted her Dad – the strongest doesn’t win the fight, it’s the one who finishes what they set out to do. So struggle is good, it goes hand in hand with change. And that’s what starts today – you can’t be afraid of what others think of you (possibly my biggest flaw) and you have to make those changes that will lead you to the success!

Paired with this Jasmine pointed out something my sister (Check her out!) forced me to do last year when I decided to first start this venture. Write down my goals! So I do, 6 month goals, personal goals and inspiration. So some of the 2011 goals have overlapped into 2012, it doesn’t matter. They are always there – and Wednesday made me wake up and realise change is the key :)

Jenna totally working it :) (does a pretty darn good British accent if anyone is wondering!)

Treated to Giordano’s … mmmm cheese and get your copy of EXPOSED!!

Yes of course she was fabulous!! Definitely check out the fix if she comes into your city!

– change is good

– do things that will put you in control

-unite together

The fixers minus Evan : Photo taken by Evan Hunt on Lauren’s camera

Had an amazing day in the sunshine and can’t wait to all get together soon!!

Happy Friday,

J x


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