WPPI 2012 Begins!

It’s this time of the year again!!!!!! This is only my second WPPI – but I have to say having that first one behind me makes a big difference. Last year I was totally lost – trying desperately to make a friend here and there. I luckily came away with a couple of very good friends who have stuck by me this past year and kept encouraging my progress. But I mainly remember wandering around the 16,000 people feeling very much out of place! So if this is your first time- stick with it! It’s tough, and I constantly felt out of my comfort zone but I learnt a tonne and made a few great connections and a couple turned out to be really amazing!

My title is actually a little deceiving! I landed in Vegas on Tuesday! But this was for a good reason – Roberto Valenzuela’s PLUS CLASS ‘Execute With Confidence’ which was covered 2 full-on days from Thursday to Friday. As his assistant for this week I could see how absolutely crazy his schedule is! And if all the attendee’s weren’t ready to collapse after the two days – he still had meetings and events to go to while we were all sound asleep :)

You do have to excuse my straight-out-of-the-camera unedited photos but think they’re better than nothing!!! (not having my laptop with me)

I think all of the attendees will agree with me that Roberto’s class ROCKED!!! At least 10 of them were reeling to me over how much they had learnt – and having seen him speak 3 times in the past I couldn’t believe how much I personally took from it – even from a backseat. The knowledge he gave everyone was totally practical and analytical. Everyone left knowing exact ways they can improve each image they take in order to elevate their photography to the next level. He definitely pushed people out of their comfort zone and I think everyone was put on the spot more than once, which was awesome!

These are just a couple of snap shots I got throughout the two days…

This image is NOT what the attendees got – I was actually totally across the way from them, without reflectors etc and took a quick snap of our first-day models just to show you!

The weather is amazing here – I would swap chicago for desert weather any day!!

I know Plus Class’ can be a little out there for some, what with out flights/hotel/registration! But Roberto’s PLATFORM CLASS : ‘Picture Perfect Practice!’ is at Monday 8am – if you’re going to go to an early one make sure it’s monday….you know Vegas will be hitting you by the end of the week! He will be covering some similar topics that were in his Plus Class and I promise you’ll come away with some invaluable info. Just bring a coffee with you (starbucks line at the Signature is waaaaay smaller)

So yeah – I’m writing a blog post at 10.40pm on a saturday in Vegas – i’ve already got the WPPI cold (although just had a eucalyptus steam…uhmhaze) and a big day and shoot tomorrow so i’m taking netflix into my california king size bed and snuggling up with some green tea to prepare for the next few crazy nights! ahhhh!! If your here lets make sure we meet up!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow!!!!

Jacqui x


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