Valentine’s Gift Idea!

It’s just around the corner! And if you’re like me I always find Valentine’s gifts that much harder – Billy and I had our Valentine’s Day yesterday, due to our crazy schedules! He did awesome with my LuLuLemon present :) and we pigged out at Mia Francesca’s for dinner – highly recommended!

If I’m totally honest I haven’t been a huge fan of valentine’s – all the teddy bears, chocolates, flowers, red and pink hearts in your face! So I thought of a way to get around the hallmark hearts and make something much more personal.

The idea came pretty easy – a way to your man’s heart…food! Simply go to your favorite restaurants and get a bunch of giftcards – even the ones that aren’t chains will normally give you a gift certificate.

Stuff You Need:

  • notebook
  • gift cards
  • pen
  • paint if you wanted
  • 2 hours + running around from restaurant to restaurant!
  • Depends on how many/much your gift cards are! But the notebook was only $12.99 for the three.

I arranged the gift cards in his favorite note book – moleskin – they’re awesome, and come in packs of 3.

I painted the front with acrylic paint, but you could do anything – leave it blank or write a message….

And underneath each card I wrote what he orders and what I order every time we go there.

You can customise your notebook however you want – you could say why they are you valentine or list a bunch of reasons why you love them…. I would blush if I posted too many so here’s a little glimpse of the 20 or more I wrote:

I finished it by including a gift card to a restaurant we haven’t been to yet, and saying what he would order and what I will when we go there :)

This was perfect for him because we love to eat out! But you can really do it with anything – little gift cards to his favorite stores? movie tickets? create your own date lunches/nights! Hope this helps someone out there :)

Have a great Valentine’s!

Love, Jacqui


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