Puppy’s First Christmas!

It was Kaya’s first Christmas and Maddie’s first with us :) Although we are missing half out christmas ornaments, and only a couple of presents were chewed up, we had the BEST christmas!! as I hope all of you did too – it was just a really nice day spent with my American fam, opening lots of lovely presents and playing with the pups. Perhaps I should have taken more photos of humans – but these two stole the limelight….

And now Kaya has turned 7 months we are due another picture! As she gets bigger, and bigger and… bigger…she’s into everything. Didn’t realise she could jump over our 6 ft fence, but she did :) So from 12 weeks to 7 months here’s our pup x

And here we are today….LOVE HER

Happy New Years everyone!! x


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