My D.I.Y Save The Date

By now most of you should have received my save-the-date! And after the crazy popularity of my last DIY Canvas post I thought you may like to see how I made my save the date!

It is really simple – really easy. I had the idea in my head but it took me a while to figure out, and I made a few mistakes along the way – so if you have a wedding coming up hopefully this will save you that crucial time!!

The whole save-the-date is based off of the image and the banner…so:

STEP 1: Making the Banner

You totally don’t have to use the banner concept – and there are sooo many cute ideas out there – chalk boards, writing in the sand, on the soles of your shoes, or not using one at all, but i just really liked the banner.

Again, I didn’t look up how to make it, so my trip to Michaels was a little random!! I bought:

– Burlap

– Card stock

– Ribbon

– Glue

– I already had Acrylic Paint at home – but it worked great!!

Cut your card into triangles, cut the burlap the same size (I had to use a few layers as the burlap came in a roll that wasn’t thick enough to cover the whole card). You can buy card to match your wedding colors- my wedding is all white but I love yellow and it added some nice color to an otherwise neutral picture. Stick the burlap on top of the card, – I used modge podge but anything will do! Paint your numbers with the acrylic – I used white acrylic and layered it on really thick! make 2 holes in each of the triangles so you can weave the ribbon in and out…

One tip I would give is to not make the triangles too big – Otherwise it becomes very tricky when you come to hold it!

STEP 2: Take the Picture!

I’m hoping most of you are going to get your engagement pictures taken soon so you should totally just bring you banner along and ask you photographer to snap a quick one of you two holding your banner!

My engagement photos wont be done until next year, closer to the wedding…. so if your in that position or on a budget then d-i-y!! I hired Billy’s brother :) He very kindly traipsed along lakeshore drive, I set the camera up for him and hey presto!

STEP 3: The Card

Print your images – and make sure you have extra!

These are the materials I needed for my save the dates:

– kraft card

– kraft envelopes

– photo corners

– magnets (either sheets or I used magnet business cards)

– inkjet printer

– double sided tape


– cut the card to the appropriate size (kinko’s will do it for you)

– Create your wording and font you want to use on the computer – my wedding is vintage so I went for typewriter font and calligraphy

– Print the wording on the back of all the cards (make sure in your printer settings you adjust the paper size to your card size) If you use Kraft paper like I did you’ll find out Kinko’s wont print on it- neither will office max, office depot…anywhere!! so use your own standard ink jet printer

– You may also want to print your addresses on the envelopes, or use a calligrapher, but the same concept applies

– That’s the hard part over – so all you have left to do is stick the photo corners down, and then the image in them. I also used double sided sellotape (sticky tape) so it was a little more stable.

– Finally, and you may not want to do this because it does make it look a little less flattering!! I cut the business card magnets (they were already sticky) and put them on either side of the writing… it’s turned out to be a great idea because people actually look at it now and not lose it or put it in a dark drawer!!

I think i’ve covered all the bases!! One thing I will say is I purchased all my card stock from Archiver’s and other bits from Michaels.

If your a bride-to-be, I feel your pain…and i know it’s SO much easier to go to your local paper source, or invitation designer and printer – but this way is so much more personal. And nearly everyone who received my save-the-date has said something. It takes a lot more time and effort but in the end it’s worth it!! so good luck!


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