Chicago Wedding – the first installment

Well, this week – actually make that the last few weeks – have been crrrazzzzy! A good kind of crazy, the type that keeps you running on adrenaline (and caffeine!)

I’m really excited to be making big steps in my business -after quite a while I decided (i’m so painfully indecisive, I feel sorry for my graphic designer!) on my final Logo concept!!!! I’m so excited to get it out there, not long now! And of course I took the leap and joined the ‘Show It’ revolution and got my website :) arrrrggggh….I wish there was someone who could have pushed a button and made me get it forever ago, because: it’s UH-MAZING!!! That will take just a little longer to complete HA…oh annnnd my business cards! Designed and ready to be sent to press – I’ll use an amazing letterpress company just down the road from me, but more about that later….

Oh, and yesterday my friend Evan invited me to a styled indie wedding photo shoot! We freezed our butts off but it was unbelievable – thank you thank you Ev for asking me to join and thanks to all the wonderful vendors there, was so nice meeting and working with everyone!!!

And all the while planning this itty bitty event; my own wedding! I’m hoping most of you received your save-the-dates by now, but English guys and gals, it hasn’t arrived yet! I’m hoping that’s just the slow christmas post…… fingers crossed.

So here is a quick glimpse from Ben and Mindi’s Wedding, she was a total stunner as you can see! Will post more from this wedding very soon :)

Happy Friday everyone! xxx


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