My Bundle of Fluff x

Seriously, come on – how cute is Kaya!!!!

I’m totally besotted with this ‘little’ bundle of fluff. Today was by far perfection – Kaya and me all day… Early morning wake-up call, breakfast together, 3 mile run, editing-album designing-emailing-logo designing with her snuggling by my feet, stroll to starbucks where she sat so calmly letting me carry on working, then a cozy evening by the fire…well not the fire we live on the 28th floor, but you get the jist.

These were taken on Sunday – she’s totally coming out of her shy shell now, and it’s so fun to see her ‘terrible two’ spirit out in full force! I’m afraid these are the first of many – she’s just the BEST subject.

Well she’s having crazy doggy dreams now – i think it’s about time for me to join! Night all x

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