D.I.Y Canvas Quotes

I know there’s quite a few ‘pinterest’ addicts out there!!…. I admit to being one of them. But I normally don’t make use of this amazing app :)

So i figured during my apartment ‘makeover’ I could take on some of the challenges! I loved this canvas when I saw it pinned, but they had designed a pattern on it…I figured you could do the same thing with quotes. I made this one for Billy, lyrics from an O.A.R song.

If you were interested in doing the same thing all you need is:

– Puffy paint (I used matte)

– Wax proof paper

– Mod podge glue

– Any old canvas!!

I chose my quote and as a font snob searched for my fav….I printed off the quote and over wax proof paper started with the puffy paint. This is because I made MANY mistakes! I left it over night to dry then peeled off, arranged and stuck down with the glue. I have canvas’ lying around from painting but any canvas at Michaels will do. Puffy paint comes in all colours, textures etc…but white is my favourite colour :) you say boring I say bright! I think this will go above the bed with an arrangement of white frames, canvas’, mirrors.

Look out for more D.I.Y projects – this one was fun!

And a quick one of Kaya being cute this morning – just because :)


4 thoughts on “D.I.Y Canvas Quotes

    • Hey! Once you peel the letters off – get a small paintbrush and lightly paint the modge podge onto the back of each and then press down onto the canvas…the glue dries clear so if you do get it anywhere you can’t see it. It turned out very neat – even the tiny date numbers at the bottom! good luck x

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