Family Portrait Session with the Alindogan’s!

So I finally got round to posting some of the images from my lovely afternoon spent with the Alindogan family! Luckily we had some amazing weather – seeing as the week before we had to cancel the portrait session because of the crazy Chicago thunderstorms!! But this time it went perfectly, walking around the parks on a sunday afternoon and playing on the beach. First time Lorenzo had seen sand – was too funny. Enzo had just been woken up from his nap so I think he did amazingly to pose and behave for 2 hours straight!!

Since then it’s been a little crazy this end! Decided to re-decorate our apartment so look out for some ‘before and hopefully after’ shots – a lot of painting coming up in the next week :)

And of course our new pup Kaya!! Pure-bred German Shepherd, i don’t think it’s my biased mummy eyes but she is BEAUTIFUL!! had a little doggy portrait session in the park yesterday so they’ll go up asap! Also working on a ‘time lapse’ portrait of Kaya over the next 6 months so we can document and eventually frame her grow – all people say is ‘she’s going to be big!!’ so i’ll actually record it :)

Have a happy Labor Day!


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