Roberto Valenzuela : “Break It Down”

Finally!! Here are the rest of the images from Roberto Valenzuela‘s LA Workshop!!

After landing in Chicago from my trip back to England, I immediately jumped on a Spirit Airlines plane (never do it people!!) to LA! After a few hours of sleep I was ready for Roberto’s 12+ hour workshop :) And that small effort was so worth the rewards from attending his one-day workshop!

I took under 100 shots at the workshop that day – that is including 2 separate locations and 2 different sets of models. This was because Roberto made us really look for the image; composition, pose, lighting etc and it was not until all elements were complete that we pressed the shutter button. The technique was definitely foreign from what I’m used to but resulted in every single image being usable and therefore very hard to choose from! The workshop itself was very personable with separate critiquing of peoples images (very very scary!!) and each having different goals and areas to improve on when we went on the photo shoot. Mine was to look for the triangulating light source so I can make my images ‘pop’! Roberto was so helpful and I’m sure everyone there would agree that they learnt some valuable techniques that day. I would HIGHLY recommend his workshop to anyone considering a full on, interactive day that will improve your business!!


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