The KK

How lucky am I?! Last Sunday, for the second time… I got to join THE Kenny Kim and Collin Pierson for Hong and Julie’s wedding!! And again it was incredible – this time I spent much more time assisting and watching both Kenny and Collin – who made everything look so effortless and the entire day was surprisingly calm! I hope I was some help, after coming off my ‘red eye’ flight from San Francisco I was a walking zombie assistant :) The ceremony and reception took place at the Rookery Building downtown, which is so ornate with gold leaf spread everywhere! I don’t have many images from the day but hopefully these few can give you a glimpse of the fabulous day I had. I can never thank you enough Kenny for every opportunity, and Collin for the countless words of advice and making me feel so welcome – see you both when I get back!
Well, it’s time for me to get packing – after nearly 10 months I fly back to England bright and early tomorrow morning! I can’t believe I get to see my baby niece in her christening gown in just over 24 hours, she couldn’t even crawl the last time I saw her. I can’t wait to see everyone, sleepless night ahead!! :) x

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