Maor and Carly

This Monday I had the pleasure of shooting Maor and Carly’s engagement session! Can you believe right now they are in the scorching heat of Israel, about to tie the knot!!!!! With this crazy Chicago weather we are having at the moment, I must say I wish I was the photographer there :)

Maor and Carly met in the very first week of their freshman year at Drake University! Well, it must have been love at first sight, because here they are well over 5 years down the line and they still completely infatuated and loved up. This made it very easy for me to catch their intimate moments – and the best part of it, they weren’t staged at all! This is just how these guys are, and it made our day so fun! The Chicago Botanic Gardens especially meant a lot to Carly and we had a blast getting to know each other and for me seeing her amazing place for the first time.

I know you will be having an incredible time back in Maor’s home country right now, and will look forward to seeing you both back in the mainland! Congratulations guys, so very very happy for you both :)



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