Hello world!

I’m very excited to introduce my first ever photography blog!! I think it would be a ginormous understatement to say that I was a little dazed by this whole ‘blogging’ world to begin with…but here I am and ready to catch up on the months of photos and experiences I’ve had since I landed on US soil and decided to fully emerge myself in the culture and pursue the ‘American Dream’!

I can imagine that the day I Skyped my Mum and told her “I’ve decided I want to be a photographer”, just after graduating Uni and leaving England, must have been a little surprising!! But then she was always the one who encouraged my creative side, ever since I was a tiny girl painting pictures of mermaids with sparkly glitter everywhere for sea-shells. Skip ahead a few years and I decided not to go to Art college and instead get a legit undergraduate degree from a well-to-do college.

I came to Chicago in August of last year, not knowing what I would be doing exactly or where it would take me. But a couple of people opened my eyes to the concept of pursuing a career in something I actually have a passion for!! (Thanks Bear, Billy and the genius that is Adi Song!) So with the help of some very generous and crazily talented people I am slowly on my way to becoming a Wedding Photographer – and maybe this way you can see the journey unfolding :)



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